The Lingam and yoni massage is a kind of tantric massage made specifically for a man and woman respectively. For the sake of clarity, the word lingam is simply an ancient tantric term that is used to describe a penis and it is being referred to as a “Staff of life”.

It is important to understand that a lingam massage is designed to allow men experience a new level of pleasure. However, the beauty of lingam like Yoni massage is that the pleasure is enjoyed on both sides that is the giver and the receiver. On the other hand, Yoni is a tantric word for Vagina.

While men can have a lingam massage at massage parlors and by their partners, women on the other hand can also have their sexual organ massaged in such a way that they experience some unimaginable pleasure.

Yoni massage brings about female ejaculation which facilitate the further release of negative emotions after which it creates space for the positive sexual energy to grow. During yoni massage, women could experience some kind of body shaking, spasms and shivering in order to disperse the stuck negative energy all through the body. This could make way for full orgasmic wave which could last as much as 60 minutes.

It is important to note that at birth, the Yoni was already made of some pleasurable and positive cells but due to medical conditions, accidents, belief systems and trauma, the Yoni have had negative emotions stored around the sexual organs in such a way that causes a disconnection and makes them painful and numb losing orgasm and pleasure in the process.

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Benefits of Lingam and Yoni Massage

There are a whole lot of benefits derived from Lingam and Yoni massages in men and women. The following are some of them:

  • It is known to improve ejaculation control in men.
  • Improved circulation of blood to the lingam.
  • It is known to enhance sensitivity.
  • Significant alleviation of sexual tension.
  • It is known to reduce pain, stress and depression in men.
  • Premature ejaculation is cured in lingam massage.
  • Sexual stamina is improved in men as a result of lingam massage.
  • Intense sexual pleasure.
  • A better connection with your partner.
  • For women, a yoni massage will help down blockages and release toxins in order to increase blood flow to the sex organs
  • Yoni massage helps in improving and keeping healthy hormonal balance. Do not forget that a healthy hormonal balance protects against health related problems like difficult urination, back pain, decreased libido, lower back pain, painful intercourse, painful mensuration, menopause, poor circulation and vitality. Healthy hormones is also known to help women become more sexually aroused quicker and fully in order to experience full body orgasm through sexual intercourse.

It is important to understand that there would be likely vulnerabilities due to trauma in the initial yoni massage but this shouldn’t be a cause for concern as subsequent sessions will become easier. This is because as you continue to get yoni massage as a woman, you begin to drop the layers of negative emotions by the side and embrace deep pleasure as well full body multiple orgasm you have never felt before. The kind of orgasm you are likely to expect in yoni massage is something you may not have felt before because most women experience just the clitoral orgasm but this does not really give the kind of earth shaking orgasm being talked about here. Orgasms as a result of yoni massage is one that runs through the body in a limitless wave of orgasms.

The pleasure aspect of yoni massage is just one fraction of the transformation in women. It leads to good health and happiness with improved relationships plus the fact that they are able to get rid of the sexual dysfunctions and disorders which have been holding them for many years.

Besides, a yoni massage will make you feel younger after every massage session and the reason is that all the cells in the body is rejuvenated and this brings out the best in you. There is no doubt that yoni and lingam massage is not really a quick fix. However, it is a journey even though it might be slow but it requires patience and commitment.

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What Should be the Intention as a Receiver of Yoni and Lingam Massage?

  • The receiver of yoni and lingam massage is expected to surrender for awakening and healing to take place.
  • He or she is expected to be a perfect receiver.
  • They should have the intention of expanding their pleasure and energy limitation and permit themselves to feel more and more without limit during the massage session without actually focusing on the orgasm they intend to receive.
  • The receiver should have the intention of allowing deep emotional love to consume your psyche through massage.

Suggestions for a Receiver Prior to a Yoni Massage

  • It is important to relax yourself prior to receiving a yoni massage. For example, you are expected to breathe deeply before the yoni massage.
  • One thing you should not forget before receiving a yoni massage is emptying your bladder completely. The reason is that it could be to have the bladder filled up with ejaculation during a yoni massage.
  • Get yourself beautified and allow yourself to feel like you are a virgin even when you are not.

Suggestions for a Receiver During a Yoni Massage

  • During the massage proper, it is important to focus on breathing through your nose and avoid the temptation of breathing through the mouth during the massage.
  • It is important to give yourself the much needed permission to receive pleasure and then ensure you are moving your body in order to spread the positive energy throughout your body.
  • You can also feel free to express both the positive and negative emotions through making sounds. Remember there is no right or wrong way to express these feelings, therefore feel free to express them as you dim fit.

During the session proper, there is a possibility of going into an altered state of consciousness and this is where you are likely to close your eyes in about 50% percent of the time. At this stage, you are likely to get in touch with the trauma you faced in the past.

Some people prefer to hold on to the emotions due to the fear of letting go, they stop breathing or breathe shallow with closed eyes making their body rigid. At this point, it is very likely that the therapist handling the massage will ask you to open your eyes and look into their eyes while making sounds and moving your body. It is important to note that by opening your eyes more than 50% of the time, there are high chances that you will be releasing the trauma and emotions that you got in touch while closing your eyes.

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How to Prepare for Lingam and Yomi Massage

There is no doubt that having a great lingam and yoni massage starts from having a good preparation. Not preparing properly before embarking on this kind of massage could ruin the whole thing and discourage the receiver from ever attempting another time. Therefore, it is important to always have the right preparation before beginning. Below are some things you could do to get prepared for an unforgettable lingam and Yoni massage.

Get the Temperature Right

It is important to first get a safe and sacred place for your massage and when you get the place, ensure that the temperature is right. It is impirtant to ensure that the place is warm. Note that if your partner is not warm, there are chances that they would not be able to relax and get the desired experience. In addition, if they room is too cold, there is also a high chance that the receiver will dose off during the massage session. Therefore getting the right balance of temperature is very important.

Get the Ambience and Sound Right

This cannot be overemphasized. Quality sound and ambience is very impirtant during lingam or yoni massage. You will need soft lighting and music that would add flow to the massage. Music should not be just any music but a romantic slow music that keeps the receiver in the mood. For ambience, incense could be ideal and work well. However, it is important to remember or put into consideration the receiver sense of smell in order not to ruin the whole things.

Get the Right Massage Oil

It is important to note that not all oil is suitable for a Lingam or yoni massage. Any oil you use must be one certified to be safe for the sexual organs and safe for sex. Use plainer oil and something like a coconut oil will make a good massage oil. The oil should be warm since it feels delicious when rubbed on the skin but make sure that the oil is not hot else it could burn their skin and ruin the whole massage session.

Have the Right Mindset

It is important to be compassionate. Note that this could be the very first time a man or a woman will be touched this way and you should put that into consideration. In some cases, the receiver may not even know how to respond or react during the massage. In lingam massage, it is absolute possible that the man may not even have an erection or the man may be having and losing erection during the process. This shouldn’t be a problem since most men normally get confused on the slow approach of the lingam massage.

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Do You Want to Give a heavenly Lingam Massage? Below are the Steps to take

First of all, before starting a lingam massage, it is important to open his entire body from the head to the toe. During the massage, you must tell him to relax, breathe and open up himself to embrace and receive whatever he is feeling.

Step 1: Make Yourselves Comfortable

Both of you are expected to be comfortable from the beginning to the end. Let a comfortable cushion and let him lie on his back. The cushion should be placed under his head, neck all through the bum. In fact, do whatever you can to make him relax. Then make yourself comfortable by sitting between his legs or any position that you find comfortable.

Step 2: Connect

Start connecting his body with the expected feelings. You can place one of your hands in the middle of his chest and the other hand should be placed on his lingam. Then spend a few moments looking at their eyes while they also reciprocate. Then let the warmth in your body flow into him in such a way that makes the boundaries that exist between your bodies are removed.

Step 3: Start with His Groin

Start stroking his groin through an up and down movement. Then make circles using your finger tips and also stroke the perineum area. The perineum area is that area between the anus and the balls

Step 4: Squeeze and Stroke

Then move to the penis as you hold it with your hands. Start squeezing and stroking his penis in a very slow mission. You can keep trying each stroke differently. It may slow, hard, soft and fast. Whatever the case, always ask him what he prefers.

Things to Remember for Yoni and Lingam Massage

  • It is important to accept the way you feel during and after the massage. This is a way of letting the trauma and negative emotions in your body instead of keeping them in your body where it does more harm than good.
  • As a receiver, it works best when you work as a team with the giver and this means you have to look into their eyes in not less than 50% of the time to stay connected.
  • It is advisable to always come for the massage session having no expectation since you are not in any pressure to get it right in one session.
  • You can get one of the best lingam and yoni massage in a good massage parlor like SenMassage.