Tantra massage is a different kind of massage that works in different ways and aims to achieve different outcome. The belief of tantra massage from the creators is that sexual satisfaction and relaxation will go a long way to improve your health and general wellbeing. In fact, some people see tantra massage as a means to achieve personal growth through pleasure.

It is important to note that tantra massage on its own has the potential to cause organism but understand that this is not actually the aim but a bonus that comes with the whole activity.

One thing that must be made clear about tantra massage whether for gays or lesbians is that it does not involve penetrative sex even though it is designed in such a way that the sex organs will be adequately touched in the process. Due to the nature of this kind of massage, it cannot be done in just any kind of massage center as it requires the highest level of professionalism. In places like Madrid or other major cities, tantra gay massage is offered in top notch massage centers that have the capacity and professionals to provide the best service to customers in a professional way.

Gay massage in Madrid

Tantra Gay Massage

Tantra gay massage is a type of tantra massage that is done man to man. Unlike a normal tantra massage where a woman performs a tantra massage on a man, this type of massage is done by a man to a fellow man for those who consider themselves as being gay. In liberal cities like Madrid where every sexual orientation is accepted, you can have the opportunity of having tantra gay massage in one of the top notch massage centers or you can schedule a massage and get it done right from the comfort of your home.

This type of massage is full of release and relaxation. It comes with a lot of pleasure for gays.

Note that tantra gay massage is similar to other erotic massage because in both cases, the people involved are naked but this does not mean that you cannot be scantily dressed if you so desire. There are shy people who feel uncomfortable going totally naked and in this case, they can dress scantily to feel a little bit relaxed.

Tantra gay massage Madrid

Like mentioned earlier, orgasm is not actually the main attraction like erotic massage where a lot of people are attracted by orgasm. However, tantra gay massage is different in the sense that it focuses more on consonance and relaxation but in reality it is likely to end up in orgasm and this not bad at all. Orgasm is a secondary effect when it comes to tantra massage but the primary goal is complete relaxation. The good thing is that you do not have to focus on your erection and this is a bonus especially to those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

If you want to have a tantra gay massage, here some of the guide that you should know

Environment is Important

All kind of massage, Gay tantra massage inclusive thrive on the right environment. If the environment is not right, there is a possibility of not achieving the set result and the whole effort will become a waste. Ensure that the room is clean and smells nice. Put some very cool music that would help make the environment pleasurable. You can add candles or fancy lights to further make things appealing.

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Understand what it is all About

It is important to eliminate all those weird thoughts of strangling your partner till they beg for mercy. Note that tantra gay massage is not done this way. Here, the receiver will have to lie on their back and spread their legs in such a way that raises their genitals to full view and touch. At this point, it is important to emphasize once again to the receiver that there would be no penetrative sex but they are going to have the best time of their lives in terms of sexual satisfaction.

Even though gay tantra massage is a massage of the genitals, it also involves every other body parts but the only thing is that the genitals get the most attention and focus in the process. In fact, the involvement of other parts of the body is to prepare the receiver on what it is to come to the genitals.

How to book a gay tantra massage in Madrid

The Massage Proper

Like mentioned earlier, the receiver lays with their back on the bed and expose the genitals completely, then the giver starts by massaging gently the whole body in preparation and avoiding the genitals during this period. With this, the receiver gets to relax their body and mind and prepare themselves to receive massage on their genitals known as lingam. Then the nest thing is to bring in a massage oil by applying it over the lingam in small quantity and start massaging the testicles and shaft and then the pubic bone area.

The massage will continue and the giver can always back off when the receiver comes close to orgasm.

It is important to note that the idea of backing off when they receiver is close to orgasm is not to torture them but to help them apply a kind of self-control that would help them hold off ejaculation and prolong the orgasm they are getting. This is particularly useful especially for those who are having premature ejaculation as it can help them build up their ejaculation control. Tantra gay massage normally ends with ejaculation and the receiver can then do some clean up and relax themselves after the pleasure.

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Gay Massage in Madrid

You can always have your tantra gay massage in Madrid. The good thing is that there are massage centers that cater for this kind of massage in Madrid. For instance, Sen Masajes is a top notch massage center that offers tantra gay massage in Madrid. They have professional gay massage therapists that would give you the best pleasure ever but note that there is no explicit sex at this massage center.