There is no doubt that a lot of people may not have heard about Nuru massage when compared to other forms of massage. However, this is beginning to change as a lot of people are getting aware of this kind of massage in recent times. Nuru massage is quite different from some other types of massage in the way it is performed and what it hopes to achieve.

It is important to note that Nuru massage is a kind of erotic massage that originated from japan. For instance, in Japan, “nuru” means slippery and this alone shows that nuru massage is a kind of body to body contact type of erotic massage. Nuru massage involves two people who can be a man and a woman. The receiver is expected to rub a massage gel on her body. It is also important to note that the amount of massage gel the receiver rubs all over her body is what enables her to slide over her man’s body and this creates a romantic sensual massage in the process.

Nuru massage has its own type of oil that are used in the process because the type of oil used be slippery enough in order to ensure that the female body can slide comfortably over the receiver’s body. Oil used in Nuru massage is different from some other types of massage oil in the sense that they have some unique features that others do not have and that make it suitable in a Nuru Massage. For instance, Nuru massage oils are colorless and odourless. The reason why a colorless and odourless massage oil is required is that this oil is applied in large quantities on the body and it they have some kind of smell; it may pose a problem during the massage especially for those with allergy to smell.

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What is Nuru Massage?

There is actually no doubt that Nuru massage is an erotic massage and for this reason, both the giver and the receiver participating in Nuru massage are always naked during the massage session. It is important to note that the whole body is involved during Nuru massage and the oil applied all over the body in large quantities helps the body to glide, slide and stroke all over the receiver.

One of the effects of erotic Nuru massage is that it broadens the receiver’s horizon sexually and give them the kind of experience they may never have received in their lifetime. A well trained massage therapist can handle Nuru massage in order to give you the opportunity to reach that level of eroticism like you have never experienced. Apart from that, it also has a way of helping you unlock your any sexual inhibitions that you may have and then help you in freeing your body and mind in such a way that allows you experience fulfilment at an elevated intensity.

Nuru massage can be done in different platforms. For instance they can be done on a bed or can be done on a massage table.

One very important thing to note when talking about Nuru erotic massage is that it is a kind of massage that can be done by just anybody. There is no discrimination in this kind of massage. It is suitable for a man, woman, old and young. Besides, it is also suitable for anyone irrespective of their sexual preference. This means that Nuru massage is suitable for lesbians, bisexuals, gays and others. For this reason, Nuru massage even though it originates from Japan is well practiced in many parts of the world especially the liberal societies of Europe and America.

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Some Benefits of Nuru Massage

  • Nuru massage provides a whole lot of benefits that may be too numerous to mention. For instance, it provides a way for people especially couples to add another dimension to their sexual lives. Most couples have used Nuru massage to stay connected to each other. Since it involves the whole body sliding, gliding and touching the body of your partner, Nuru massage can be used to spice up relationship between partners and provide that extra and unimaginable pleasure that may have been lacking in the relationship. In addition, it also improves the emotional side of the relationship and in some cases especially in japan where it originated from; it can be used as part of a spiritual journey among other benefits.
  • Nuru massage can help in reducing the mental stress in a person and the reason is partly because it has a way of alleviating stress and put one in a relaxed mood. A lot of people who have undergone this kind of massage felt better after getting relieved of mental stress. However, it is important to note that there may not be a guarantee on this outcome because it will largely depend on how it is done and this is why professionals are in the best place to give this kind of massage. If handled properly, then the probability of achieving this benefit will be high at the end.
  • Nuru massage is beneficial to the total well-being of a person. In addition, there is also another angle to this kind of massage. For instance, it is known to help in relaxing muscles and moisturize skin. The reason is that Nuru massage oils being used in the massage is one of the well-known moisturizing gels available and this is to the advantage off on Nuru massage receivers. Nuru massage will also help in the release of Toxins of the body and this would depend on the techniques, skills and experience of the therapist handling the massage.

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Some Important Points to Note about Nuru Massage

To further explain Nuru massage, it is important to highlight some points that should be well noted in order to be well prepared both physically and psychologically before and after the massage. The following are things to note.

Nuru Massage Could be Messy

This is an important point to note especially for those who are easily irritated by things that are messy. However, the tendency of being messy does not in any way take way the fun and pleasure that can be derived from this wonderful massage. What is very important is that participants understand what it is all about and are prepared. The messy nature of the massage may arise due to the excess oil that is applied on the body to make it glide and slide very easily.

For this reason, it is advisable to use good massage oil that is colorless and odourless. To help matters, you can also buy a cheap flannel sheet that can be used just for massage in order to protect your bed sheets during the massage session. The reality of this kind of massage is that oils are at the center of it all and may determine the success and failure of the massage. What is important is to ensure that there is enough oil on the body to allow it glide and slide easily between the bodies.

Nuru Massage Can be Done at Home

There is actually no law that states that Nuru massage must be done at a massage center or by a professional massage therapist. While there is no doubt that massage centers and their professional therapists have mastered the art of getting this massage done with a lot of accompanying benefits, it can still be done at home comfortably especially of it is between couples.

Couples who would like to try out this massage at home but do not have the required skills and knowledge to give a good massage have the option of getting to read up about Nuru massage and techniques online and help themselves out. In most home massages, couples may end up having sex but one important thing about this is that because of the oils involved, condoms may not be reliable since latex and these oils are incompatible.

Preparation for Nuru Massage is the Same for Other Types of Erotic Massage

There is actually little or no difference when it comes to the preparation of nuru massage compared to other types of erotic massage. To get good results in Nuru massage, you must devote time and resources to its preparation. You must have to get the required kits, set the environment to be compatible to a lovely massage and this could require some decorations, candle light, air fresheners and some romantic background music. The essence of this is to help the receiver and the giver be in a relaxed mood instead of being tensed up.

Other preparatory steps that should be taken in Nuru massage is getting the kits handy. For example, the towels should be kept close in such a way that helps the giver and the receiver to avoid touching oil all over the room. After the Nuru massage you can easily have the sheet cleaned after the massage by folding it up, then pooling the oil in the middle and pouring it away. Note that these sheets can be used again if properly cleaned and oil wiped off. This could be an advantage for Couples who are doing this together in their home.

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Some Important Tips for Nuru Massage

  1. Use Dedicated Sheet: Do not forget that Nuru massage could be messy and so for couples doing this massage at home, getting a dedicated sheet for it is always advisable.
  2. Use the Whole Body: Nuru massage involves the body body not part of it. Therefore to get the benefits and enjoy the maximum pleasure you desire, the whole body must be used in the massage. Ensure that you use your whole body to glide over the skin of the receiver. Sliding and gliding of the body should be very easy since the whole body is coated with massage oil. Note that the sliding and gliding is what produce the pleasurable feeling for the people involved.
  3. Your Hands are Important Asset: There is no doubt that Nuru massage is body to body sliding and gliding on each other, however, your hands is an important asset and it is important to use them to make the experience even sweeter. You can always use the hands to touch those sensitive areas of the body as the body slide and glide. This will increase the enjoyment from all angles and provide those memorable experiences that are only imagined.
  4. Keep it safe: Safety here does not actually mean that the whole exercise is dangerous physically. However, since it could lead to sex especially when done among couples, it is important to always remember to practice safe sex. The oil and latex are not compatible so for those who want to rely on condoms, it is important they understand this properly.
  5. Flip the Receiver Over: There is actually no rule that mandates the receiver to be flipped over during a nuru massage but sometimes it is actually something to add to the experience. Flipping the receiver over instead of just massaging from one side makes the fun complete and pleasure extracted from all angles of the body.
  6. Learn Massage Techniques: Have you mastered a massage technique? If not learn one and use it appropriately. You can learn more than one technique to use and you can find this information on websites that talks about Nuru massage. It is also possible to combine other erotic massages with Nuru massage for mind blowing pleasure.

Nuru Massage in Massage Centers

One of the best ways to get the full pleasure of erotic Nuru massage is by getting it at a qualified massage center. Most massage centers have the environment, personnel and everything you need to give you a sweet massage. There are a lot of massage centers where it can be done especially in Spain. For instance, Sen Masajes is one of such top notch massage centers that offer Nuru massage services. They have well trained therapists and are professional in all their services. For this reason, there would be no explicit sex during this massage as everything is done in a professional manner. There are also other centers that offer Nuru erotic massage and you can find them if you search.