SenMassages, the best Oriental relax in Madrid

Welcome to SenMassages, your Erotic massage center in Madrid.

Located in the beautiful neighbourhood Barrio de Salamanca, we provide luxury massages for men, women and couples that are looking for High Class massage services. Our erotic massages are suitable for any person of legal age, whatever their sexual orientation or identity. We have both male and female massage therapists, perfectly trained and qualified to provide you a unique Tantric experience according to your needs.


Combining the best oriental massage and tantra massage techniques to leave you in a full state of relaxation. Our sensitive massages have been carefully designed by expert sexologists and Tantra masters. We want you to live your sexuality with the major freedom and openness that is possible, making sure that you receive a professional erotic massage.

What is our mission?

 In SenMassages we have a personal goal: bring the true Art of Tantra Massage to as many people as possible. We know about the importance of Sexuality between humans and it influence in other parts of their lives. Tantra massage gives you the possibility to know yourself best, to explore all of the erogenous zones in your body and to discover new sensations that will lead you to a high state of excitation.

This is why a Tantric massage is much more than a regular happy ending massage. Since we know the physiology of the human body, we know that we can not decide to have an orgasm. At this point, it is important to understand that an orgasm is an involuntary process in the body, an electric and muscle discharge which only reaches after a phase of Excitation. In both male and female the so called pre-orgasmic state is almost the same if we look at it through a physiological point of view. Exactly the same processes occur in the body before reaching an orgasm.

Trying to perform a massage having an orgasm as a goal, can be frustrating. But working on the sensations in the body looking for excitation, is the true work of every Sexual Therapy. What excite us and what leads us to the orgasmic state is so personal and this is exactly what we want you to discover through our tantra-erotic massages: what excites you.

Giving yourself permission to discover your own sexuality, you will be able to reach the highest orgasms you ever had before. Receiving a professional Tantra massage is the best way to learn about human sexuality and experiencing these sensations on your own body, you will be a true Master o Pleasure and a great lover in your intimate relationships.

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